This is getting ridiculous?

Ever had one of those days where you feel like all the arrows of fate are converging on you? I’ve had a few months’ worth of those days. And looks like it ain’t over yet:


Is HK a freakin' magnet for typhoons?

But you know what? Throughout it all, I’ve been deriving comfort. Sometimes from not very healthy places, but they’re new experiences all the same, and from which I’ll get some learning, I hope.

So it goes, and so I’ll go, with a song in my heart, and a spring in my step, sometimes in spite of my baser urges. Because I know You are with me, and will never leave me. I thank You for the wind and the rain, and the sunshine that follows; for the hustle and bustle, and the rest that follows. And the peace that reigns throughout.



2 thoughts on “This is getting ridiculous?

  1. hermz.. and my bday isn’t even here YET. I rem there was one last year on my bday itself… thanks for your sms notification. Ha! Don’t see u online much these days?!?

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