Jaane Tu … Ya Jaane Na (2008): Better the fella you know

jtyjn-182. Jaane Tu … Ya Jaane Na (2008) — What an absolute joy it is to share a movie with my friends, especially when they’re patient and loving enough to rewatch said movie for the umpteenth time. Thank you, thank you and thank you, Sayesha, VV and AV, for an evening of tasty nosh and heartwarming dost.

Back to the movie — the night’s revelries might have added to its lustre, but this is actually a refreshing little story that mingles the brashness and breeziness of youth with wisdom, charm and maybe a tad too much smart aleck-iness. It features the funniest use of a portrait in any movie I’ve seen. A chemically bonded ensemble (except for the overacting air stewardess). And a glimpse of Imran Khan (the actor) looking good — positively regal — on a horse.

Rather than being a straightforward romance about best friends who discover they’re in love, I think the movie is really about how the knowledge of self is not so much an attainable prize as a sometimes painful, sometimes glorious trek through a vast terrain, tinged with light and cast in shadow.

A plot point made me wonder: how can you be so sure and steadfast in your devotion to someone without realising how inextricable your happiness is from that person’s? Hey, isn’t this somewhat like the question I asked of He’s Just Not That Into You? That is, can you be “in love” without realising it? Sounds awful to me. Sign me up for a dose of self-awareness.


One thought on “Jaane Tu … Ya Jaane Na (2008): Better the fella you know

  1. When something is too close to the eye, you can’t see it properly. You need to step back to see it. :)

    I love how they treated the subject — sometimes you only know what you want when you don’t have it anymore after having had it all this while! :)

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