Space jumping rocks

Let me just cut to the chase and say this: Star Trek left me grinning wildly in the shadows of its rolling credits — what a pure piece of entertainment! It’s just the sort of movie you’d hope to see if you were in the mood for something that runs the gamut of emotions without scarring you for life. Exhilarating ride. Cinematic joy. And best of all: it did not for a second wear a thread off my patience, nor move my mind’s eye an inch from its suspension of reality. Brilliance. I’m so glad I went in without knowing anything about how the filmmakers were “rebooting” the universe … and who was going to make a special appearance. Am so happily geeked out. Bliss. Only the big screen does the experience justice. And now to bed.


2 thoughts on “Space jumping rocks

  1. hey ‘breez,

    just dropping by to see how things are progressing in your blog world.

    I too enjoyed the new Star Trek film, my only complaint was a result of poor sound modulation in the little theatre where I saw it. Action bits, explosions, music very (painfully) loud and some of the conversation bits were so quiet as to be unintelligible.

    Has your enjoyment of a movie ever been affected by sound problems in the theatre?

  2. Hi Roman, I think I was too excited watching the re-imagined Star Trek to notice anything amiss with the sound! I think I’m usually irritated when the projectionist puts up a poor showing though — cropping off the tops of heads and such.

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