Hunker down beside me

So the Big Kahuna of my company’s whole wide world descended on HK some weeks ago to shower her blessings upon us — I think she’s super duper doo-wopper cool not because she’s on the Forbes list of the most powerful women in the world; it’s really because pride in her work, passion, humility, humanity, decency, courage and clarity of purpose, are blazoned across her beautifully direct words and actions.

Sure, she’s got shrewdness humming in there somewhere, but it’s glorious to have a woman ennobling the mantle of Boss. None of that shrill, sickening scheming ‘n’ doubting, or perversely changeable winds that darkened my first job, or shade Other People’s opinions; I am so blessed in my fealty factors now, I know. Will make that much sadder when I have to move on.

Anyway, enough with the franksome fawning. I mention Her because I wish for you — did you know that gender is the first thing you notice about a person? — to aspire to such greatness; not to submit to wallowing as a victim of circumstance, but to rise as a rider of storms and eye-roller at decriers. From the bottom of my heart, I wish this.

I also wish for no more mind-bending slimming ads in any society that has people without enough to eat; no more ridiculous movie posters, like the repulsive Tin Shui Wai 2 one in which the doomed couple are locked in a pose suggesting the climax of a murder AND rape; no more stupid magazines with the same generic, ill-looking faces and features ad nauseum; no more playing on false fears while ignoring the questions that really should be answered, for example, “Is this all that you want me to want from life?” and “Why is ‘sorry’ the hardest word, dictatorial fascist jerks? Say it yourself before you demand the same from imperialist expansionist jerks.”


Anyway, I’ve been away for too long partly because of a first for me — creative writing class! It’s also my first online course. And, also also, because I’ve been rererereading a certain series more than a lot lately … but I’m not regretting it a whit because the act of repetition has induced a new thirst and perspective that feel like they make up a key to something. (Break time bonus: bittersweet songs taste a whole lot better now.)

Well! I leave you with a question: how will you make the most of what you’ve been given?


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