Worra mess

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My mum’s pet name for me is 小黑貓 (little black cat), the provenance of which is better left to your imagination. My inner black cat must be kin to the smug one right up there. There’s a right royal mess you wouldn’t believe in my living room right now, in the name of clearing up the one in my second ‘bedroom’. I must not allow myself to wonder about the purpose of doing this, or else I’m just going to give up and move to a new apartment. Yeehaw.

Why is a right royal mess always bordering my life, waiting to pounce the moment I think about giving in?

I think I found my superhero (or supernerd) (or superlazybum) costume today. Blue sleeves and multi-coloured floral and brown plaid. Reminds me of James Franco’s grungy get-up in Pineapple Express (woot woot woot!).

Speaking of whom, I leave you with some acting lessons by Franco (“Actors act. Actors sniff jackets.”):


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