We should be so lucky

I confess with some shame that I have not watched Wall-E yet. But I am looking forward to Up, Pixar’s tenth masterpiece, because it features a flying house, for goodness’ sake.

If you’re in need of some real-life good vs. evil tussling, check out this New York Times article that just makes it way too easy to choose which side of the truth to fall on. My favourite bits:

Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, responded, “We seek to make great films first. If a great film gives birth to a franchise, we are the first company to leverage such success. A check-the-boxes approach to creativity is more likely to result in blandness and failure.” …

Perhaps Wall Street would not care so much if Pixar seemed to care a little more. The co-director of Up, Pete Docter — who also directed Monsters Inc. — said in a recent question and answer session with reporters that the film’s commercial prospects never crossed his mind. “We make these films for ourselves,” he said. “We’re kind of selfish that way.” …

John Lasseter, a co-founder of Pixar and now Disney’s chief creative officer, routinely says in interviews that marketability is not a factor in decisions about what projects to pursue. Instead of ideas that feel contemporary, he aims for stories that are rooted in the ages.

Quality is the best business plan” is one of Mr. Lasseter’s favorite lines. …

Nothing involving the picture was rushed — Pixar spent four years on it — and, apparently, no expense was spared. Mr. Docter and some of his colleagues flew to Venezuela for a three-day helicopter and Jeep tour to study jungle scenery; others spent time observing a rare pheasant at the Sacramento Zoo.

“We wanted more Dumbo and less Star Wars,” Mr. Docter said. “In certain parts, it’s more of a feeling we’re going after than linear storytelling.

To live one’s life in service, whether to fellow living things or the muses, must be the dream, man. Love it.


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