So I was hesitating about this, but I’ve been pushed into the land of joyous concordance with this take over at

TWILIGHT is a very sweet and crushingly romantic film, but it’s a lite romantic movie. I guarantee that fans of the book won’t LOVE the movie like they did the book. The reason? Because [director Catherine] Hardwicke and the producers of this film didn’t trust in the conversations and the expressions of the characters thoughts. Sure, the movie is 2 hours long and to add in the substance of all those conversations. To do more than just the common cheap exchanging of glances and the hanging out in treetops and saving her from certain death … that takes real courage and real understanding of love.

But that’s why TWILIGHT is simply a good Romantic film, whilst Linklater’s BEFORE SUNSET and BEFORE SUNRISE are amongst the greatest Romantic films. Those TALKING HEAD scenes in CASABLANCA really killed it, didn’t they?

The surprise of TWILIGHT though is it isn’t vapid. There’s an honest and real spark between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – and the other actors all show a great deal of charisma as well. This is a very very strong cast. You will notice them in other films. And for many of them, this is where they started off.



So here’s my story with the movie — hadn’t been intending to watch it, but the allure of chowing down on a teen romancey thing for free on a plane along with an Indian vegetarian meal option (better on flights from Hong Kong than Singapore — what gives?) was too easy to give in to. For some wacky reason, the Cathay flight I was on only had the Italian-dubbed version — thwarted but still intrigued after the atmospheric beginning (that Cave of the Golden Rose aesthetic, maybe), I tried to settle with Marley and Me, but the itch for sourdough sweetmeats had to be assuaged, even in Italian and rapid-fire Chinese subtitles.

The movie turned out to be entertaining, even so encumbered, and the “personal brand of heroin” line so charmed me that I was determined to watch the thing in English and find out what the heck was really happening in the story. So I got the DVD on the way home, had afternoon tea, and ended up watching the whole movie more times than I care to remember. Not continually glued to the screen, mind, but I paid enough attention to make me wonder when this will pass. I was even happy enough to keep the Internet connection switched off, the better to have more time for repeat viewings. Tried to balance things out with Pineapple Express (at long last, woot woot woot!), but somehow that only gave me more fuel to watch Twilight again!

I’m glad to say that I’ve been clean for two days now, though I am toying with the idea of reading the books … don’t think I’d have the patience for the fluff though. Maybe I should just blame the tousled angular singularity that is Robert Pattinson, and be done with it. (Didn’t think that much of him as Cedric-Diggory-who-died-in-Harry-Potter-and-the-Goblet-of-Fire, but now hope there’ll be more to catch of the lad in the long future.) But the responsibility for how I’ve just spent a good chunk of my 30s rests solely with myself. I know, right?


11 thoughts on “Bandwagonned!

  1. Oh yeah, I read that bit of news, which had a hilarious effect on me, cos I was reflexively holding my breath while watching the movie for a time afterwards! Thank goodness for the at-one-remove, I say!

  2. Don’t watch Twilight before you finish your dissertation, man! OK, so maybe I should read the first book at least … Little Nonya! Caught a clip on Youtube … not for me, I think, though I did enjoy hearing the synopsis from a friend. You should watch The Wire!

  3. Coincidentally, i watched Twilight the movie over this weekend, and i didn’t quite enjoy it, at least not as much as you seemed to! I was all prepared to swoon and to oggle, and to find a “new love”, but maybe its a case of “too high hopes”? I only felt so-so….. and was left wanting for more. The books is definitely Waaaaaaayyyyyyy more interesting. The fluffiness of the whole twilight series is mostly bearable.

    The lord of the rings tour? Didn’t they already remove most of the sets?

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