Reading mist

What a fantastic way to show a reading list:

From "A Baghdad Reading List" by Rod Nordland

I don’t think it’s proper reading behaviour (ever since I ignominously gave up on VS Naipaul’s A Million Mutinies Now), but I have a number of books on hold at the moment, some of them on the backburner for months now. I guess I’d have finished them sooner if I weren’t so distracted all the time — the Internet is incredible, but what am I to do with all this useless information that I indulge in recklessly? Information that doesn’t make a difference to life as I lead it anyway. (For example, I know way too much about Obama compared to Asian political leaders. How far can inspiration vs suspiration go? Is it OK if I read Dreams From My Father before The Singapore Story?)

Anyway, maybe something semi-useful came out of this — after the US presidential elections last year, I realised I’d received a semi-schooling in discerning the difference between reactionary uproar and consternation, and revolutionary calmness and care (in a website at least). This is from a person who once thought the Drudge Report was the Truth (decidedly not — more like Drudge’s Truth).

So here are five places whose political opinions I would give more credence to than most on the unfiltered Net:

I note with some discomfort that this is not a diverse list. Whyever not?


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