Hot dog

Bleargh, my overtime sheet just came in today, and it informed me in vivid numerical terms that I blood-squeezed an extra week of work (and then some) out of the past month.

I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a dog. Or whichever animal has to work its ass off. A mule. I feel like a pack mule, and I don’t even get to have blinders on.

So here’s an ode to the clear and present inanity of my life:

On lettuce and a
Toasted bun

Delish with relish
Or on its own
Good with lots of ketchup

The inanity of my life is of course the insanity of cravings. The kind you get when there’s only lunch and dinner to look forward to because work is canky. I might just be feeling cranky, but whatever.

Craving for today was Good Burger + Real Fries, because Episode 1, Season 3 of The Wire has two characters parlaying over said meal in a classy diner. Craving for today was satisfied by turkey burger, fries and a cappuccino at a homely pub. Nice.

Open-jaw cravings are those that can be put on the backburner, but brought to the fore in a jiffy if the opportunity arises. I can count these off easy:

  • Hainanese chicken rice (but I must not think upon what I cannot have — the kind you get in HK sux)
  • Nasi padang (noooooo)
  • Doraya seared tuna rice bowl (yesssssss — HK!)
  • Ootaya anything (yessssss — HK and Taipei!)
  • Japanese curry at HKIA Terminal Two (it’s a physical memory thing, and the fact that they use applesauce in the recipe)
  • Red wine chicken (I’m killin’ myself — can only get the kind I like at home)
  • Briyani (hit or miss in HK)
  • Korean food along Kimberly Street (HK!)
  • Papri pakori chaat (haven’t met a good one in HK yet)
  • Roti of many descriptions

Uh, what the crap am I doing? Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Hot dog

  1. Ms Coleslaw — my present bosses are kindly, but the OT is just for a Very Stressful Episode, not a permanent thing.

    Windbreeze Ms — give up the Internet for Lent!

    Viswali Ms Viswali — wish I were in Taipei right now for the Jason Mraz concert! Wahhhhhh!

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