Let there be love

Some things recently observed that I feel are worthy of love:

  • the smell of wet grass carried on the night breeze, covering me as I stand at my window or lie on my childhood bed
  • the sight of yellowed leaves from raintrees cascading down at traffic junctions
  • the sound of one of my favourite songs, beautifully done:
  • the taste of my mum’s cooking, even when she’s tired and distracted
  • the touch of well-cut satin clothes at Tangs Studio

Ach, but soon soon soon even all this will pass. I’ll be heading back to HK and diving back into the gloopy gloomy river of work work work. Must somehow balance that with a little bit of fun and a whole lotta reading and prayer. Wish me well!

And, man, should I really hold a big birthday party? If so, in Singapore or HK? Or both?! And I hope to avoid that buffet thing I did for my farewell — I didn’t have as much time as I hoped to have with everyone, and ended up feeling a bit like a beer garden hostess having to make the rounds at all the tables. I know … let’s play poll:

No promises! I might just end up doing a quiet dinner with the family. I’m old like dat.


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