I’m not dead yet

Got a complaint from MY that I haven’t blogged in a while, so here’s a taste of what I’ve been dealing with lately, from the local weather report today:

The winter monsoon continued to bring cold and dry weather to southern China today. Locally, it was cold today. The minimum temperatures were about 10 degrees in the urban areas in the morning and only 5 to 7 degrees over most parts of the New Territories. Temperature at Ta Kwu Ling even fell to -1 degree.

What the crap?!

So I’ve been dealing with that — mind-numbing cold — and also mind-threatening work, for which the stress symptoms include:

  • vivid dreams, the latest of which was about a haunted house full of thorny brambles
  • overindulgent shopholism, the most recent result of which was a stovetop espresso maker (here I blithely omit the four pairs of shoes from Taipei)
  • a Saturday spent indoors with Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother and Alexander McCall Smith’s Sunday Philosophy Club novels — with the MacBook Pro sealed and not missed

On the other hand, stress also makes me ultra-productive and a multitasking minx. You win some, you lose some. Now I’m off to do some Taebo. Hwa-tah!


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