Back to back

I’m back from Bharat. Gotta take off the party clothes and put on the office wear. Gotta shift gears and switch signals. Gotta set the processor lights to start twinkling on some big questions.

One lesson I’ve learnt from this year’s trip to India: if the wedding’s going to end at 7 a.m., the journey to the airport will take a couple of hours and the flight back only takes off at 4 a.m., then I really should not have picked an early morning flight. Two consecutive nights without sleep does not a healthy body make. One more thing to put on the not-do list.

Details on the whole shebang to come (really …), but I can reveal that I had an unexpectedly riotous time in Jaipur, which played out like an Emmy-winning episode of a brilliant sitcom. Which I guess would be entitled Zindagi!


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