The light is nigh

This is a time-sensitive post.

[midnight] I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be glued to MSNBC live! online! all night-day, all right. Who needs cable TV? The production is so slick that it feels like I’m watching the stirring denouement of a blockbuster about superheroism. And perhaps I am. Goodness knows there have been tears and fears, bores and surprises, feats and defeats enough. And man, the supervillains in this piece make my head ache every time I’m forced to hear their voices.

[1 a.m.] Who needs sleep? I’ll grab a cuppa o java tomorrow. Anyway, yeah, why isn’t voting day a holiday in the US? And this is what I mean by superheroism.

[6 a.m.] Left MSNBC whirring so I got woken up by the dulcet tones of Rachel Maddow and the growly growls of Keith Olbermann. Schweet. This feels a bit like Man Utd v Bayern Munich back in ’99, just not as nail-biting. ‘No Drama Obama’ indeed. By the way, have you watched Baracky?

[8 a.m.] Woke up … got out of bed … did not pull a comb across my head (and have not in years). Nifty Google Map hasn’t called any state yet and missed an hour of Maddow staying ahead of the curve. Yawn. Oh wait — Kentucky just called for McCain. Hmm, I started off lunch with KFC today. Indiana is too close to call. Ben and Jerry’s Vermont goes to Obama. It’s toast for breakfast.

[Much delayed and final update] Sorry, had to scoot off to work, where blogging is out of the question. But where listening to MSNBC is not — so I caught the moment of declaration and the acceptance speech live! Enjoyed sharing the good news with an American colleague too. So many tears, so much joy online. Buoyancy united. Felt a bit floaty myself from the spotty sleep, and I finally broke when Stephen Colbert sorta teared up on Indecision 2008: Election Night — perhaps he was thinking of his father, who before perishing in a plane crash made his own contribution to civil rights in the US.

I am profoundly moved by this moment in time where Declaration has become Action after more than 200 years — how many deep groans and prayers have gone up to bring on this day?

I look forward to what the Obama years are going to bring. If he is re-elected in 2012, I’ll be 38 when he leaves the office. Amazing grace.

This line from an Obama volunteer aged 60+ is etched on a sticky note at my office desk:

“Every day, Barack Obama gets up and is brave,” she said. “I can be brave.”

Beyond the jubilation, but grounded on a deep and abiding joy, the work begins.


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