A time to live simply

Came across a Liang Wenfu (梁文福) song in a karaoke joint today — see, you can find xinyao songs in Hong Kong! — about how the ol’ hometown was just a small town back in the day. These four lines got me wondering:


[This place of ours is Singapore / We once had nothing to speak of / And what we have now is nothing special / But we treasure it all the more]

Apologies for the iffy translation (and it didn’t seem right to do a straight translation of the last line)!

Do Singaporeans still think the same way? Was this sentiment just an exaggeration by the lyricist? Or exclusive to those who had to slog their way through the uncertainty, fear and adversity of the early decades, i.e. first- and second-generation Singaporeans?

Anyway, with the global financial system possibly in for protracted doom and gloom (but there will be light at the end of the tunnel, remember that), the younger ones (including me) are in for a real toughening.

Let’s hope we will all emerge from the impending trial stronger, wiser and united; able to sidestep the rusty trap of artificial desires that has been cast from the acrid alloy of corporate greed and deception.

Hark! “The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended”.


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