Stuffs I’ve heard on the internets

“We are both close to the end and yet nowhere near.”

“I admit to no proof.”

“Consumers waste billions of dollars a year on bottled water even though as much as 40 percent of it comes from the tap in the first place.”

“… you might not realize that for 2.6 billion people around the world, your morning shower or just one flush of the toilet is the essence of luxury.”

“Turn your back on Wall Street.”

“What they did for fun becomes … work.”

“Neat, huh?”

“Christ said he had made several trips to homeless shelters on Tuesday morning.”

“There are plenty of people out there — not only English teachers but also amateur language buffs like me — who believe that diagramming a sentence provides insight into the mind of its perpetrator. ”

“I know it’ll get better. But it feels sad. I really fought hard.”

“Where do I come from? How do I prepare for my death? What should I obey?”


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