Public service announcement #3

If you ever accidentally drop your SD card and lose all the preciousss photos it contained, fret not.

Somehow get the SD card to me (please do not continue using it), and I will administer a handy program of dodgy origins that revived my parents’ wedding anniversary photos (money well spent!) from dust and ashes.

After the rescue, you can format and reuse your SD card again (if you don’t already know this, it’s best to delete photos from the card by formatting it on your camera — it’s the most efficient way of freeing up usable space on the card).

No charge expected for the rescue except shipping costs for either you, a friendly courier or the safely swaddled SD card to and fro Hong Kong.

Or you can wait till whenever I swing by Singapore (great job on the Grand Prix, nation — wish I could’ve been there! — but what the crap was up with the cheapifying outfits for the “girls, girls, girls”?).


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