How do you transcribe a broken melody?

Earworms! They’re not funny. Sometimes scary, cos they’re stuck like glue — why that song? Sometimes sacred to the self, like a little secret nursed through the day — why, that song!

Might be interesting to keep a log of ’em.

So today’s ring-a-ding mystery mix was headed by the dirge-tastic Nowhere Man:

Followed by the hip-swaggering Nimbooda:

Interspersed with snippets of the editing-intensive Aaja Nachle (didn’t watch the movie — just had to catch Madhuri Dixit’s comeback showpiece — methinks her face is too thin now, in that she somehow cannot draw from the entire range of her former fulsome expressiveness):

As my night ended (thanks to EC — big, shiny mic to her) with the surprisingly revealing (and fleshly) Mamma Mia (Meryl Streep was crazy/amazing … really; Colin Firth was so … valiant; Stellan Skarsgård was such a cool customer; Christine Baranski scared me; Julie Walters was an eye-opener; Pierce Brosnan was … another brave man), it’s off to bed wth the stardusted verses of, um, Super Trouper. Dunno why, Streep just made those plain words sing (OK, Abba had the melodies, the harmonies, the universal down pat).


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