“The Obama generation”

Part of my insane daily interweb diet (I’ll call it “id id” for short) is The Colbert Report (along with The Daily Show); I do love me some layers of crazed brilliance. A recent interview with John McWhorter has gone beyond brilliance, though — these words from McWhorter made me feel as though the seas had parted, and I could see straight through to the other side, past the skeletons and debris of buried pasts. To freedom.

Stephen Colbert

If Obama made it into office, how would that change the racial chemistry of the United States?


Think about young uns. Think about little kids. And I mean white ones, black ones, Asian ones, sitting and watching the Obamas on television every night, getting out of that airplane, black president. They’ll probably spend eight years watching the president being black — cos that’s one of the things that he would be doing. …

They would grow up to be adults and they would think in a different way. They wouldn’t think like me. They wouldn’t think like you. They would be the Obama generation, and I think that would be very important. And then we wouldn’t have to talk about race.


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