Jab We Met (2007): When we part


79. Jab We Met (2007) — Everybody loves Jab We Met! Just thought I should get that out of the way. It’s a deceptively simple tale that will insinuate itself into your affections, being as fresh as a daisy and as comfortable as an old-tshirt, all at once. Sorry, ran out of good similes.

I’ve been reminded recently of the reviving power of a good Bollywood movie. As opposed to the bland drabness of a Hollywood fluff flick, there’s something incontrovertibly fulfilling about three hours of suspended disbelief in the Indian idiom. I think it’s because, with a good Hindi film, you get to traverse a spectrum of emotions, and often end up with a rousing case of catharsis.

So it was with Jab We Met. My mum was here coddling me at the tail-end of a bout of bronchitis, and in a fit of daughterly devotion, I’d put on the DVD for both of us to enjoy, intuiting that there’ll be something in it for both of us.

Really, all there had to be was a ripping yarn with memorable lines and endearing characters — Jab We Met has all that, and deft dashings of things wise, warm and wonderful that make repeated viewings pleasurable, even for the usually unmoved.

Long-delayed review — done!

Much-lauded film — recommended!


3 thoughts on “Jab We Met (2007): When we part

  1. Actually … I watched it months ago!! :)

    Yeah, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for Kareena when she’s in silly and vulnerable mode. You have no choice but to start caring when you realise she’s in trouble (in the movie)!

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