Why do we know what is good?

Well, there’s major suckage going on:

  • Corrupt journalism!
    Journalists rush to gather bribes, not the news. Is the public deserving of this? If a country cannot have a free press, then perhaps it should have a rich one? Who owes whom what?
  • Cover-up!
    An all-powerful government papers over its rotten core. Add one part money and two parts threats in an iron rice bowl. Mix with swift, silent vigour, and apply to eyes of witnesses and mouths of journalists. Wait for public anger to cool and official version to solidify. Serve cold without justice.
  • Barefaced lie!
    “IOC commission chairman Hein Verbruggen has insisted that [the smog covering Beijing] poses no danger to athletes and is not as bad as it appears.”
    Not as bad as it seems? Who the heck is he talking to? Children refusing to eat their greens? No! Adults refusing to swallow lies.
    I don’t wish ill upon the organisers of the Olympics, or the games themselves, even if the drug use is rampant, but please. Smog is smog: “fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants”.
    Singapore gets smog too, during the burning season, but we aren’t told there’s nothing to worry about — we’re told to take the necessary precautions!

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