U Me aur Hum (2008): You must remember this


78. U Me aur Hum (2008) — What! I haven’t reviewed a Hindi film since October of 2007?! O cruel, inhuman Fate! Perhaps it would just have made me miss my previous life too much, flexing those parts of the brain and heart that dance to the subcontinent’s myriad rhythms.

But back to the general gist of things — Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut. I got to watch it — my first Hindi film in a long while — with my Hindi Film Mentor in a cinema, thank goodness. As the FHM-worthy HFM noted in her chronologically competent way, we went in with tissue paper at the ready (myself at the rather gushing advice of a Rediff reviewer). And ended up not needing any.

Maybe it’s because I’d gone through the grief of my grandma being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but the mild histrionics in the film (hold it in, Kajol, don’t affirm my HFM’s opinion of your acting!) didn’t endear it to me. Maybe the slight similarities with 50 First Dates helped inure me to the sadness of witnessing one’s hard-won partner losing her grip on the past and future.

But I did appreciate some clever turns the plot took, especially during the subtly scripted reconciliation scene. I wish there weren’t so much product placement and slick camera movement, though — they’re really going to date the film. It’s just my bias, maybe; I felt as though I was forced to bear with grim reminders of my sickly stint on St*r Cruises just so there could be funding for the film in the first place.

Overall, nicely done, Mr Devgan, behind and before the camera. (Why do your pants look so tight in the poster?) I think we can safely look forward to your next production.

Addendum: Oops, nearly forgot to complain about something (am I in danger of losing my Singaporean-ness?) — the subtitles during the song-and-dance sequences were in Hindi, while the subtitles for the rest of the film were in English. What gives?


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