I’m not dead yet! I’ve just been taking a nice, long rest from the blogosphere. Letting the online mind lie fallow. Bringing a brimful of thoughts to simmering point. All without actually meaning to.

Here’s why I’ve been offline, in chronological order:

I got knocked out by bronchitis when I got back to Hong Kong after celebrating my mum’s birthday in Singapore. That was mid April.

I sent my MacBook Pro in for a second repair — the sound had evaporated, though everything else was in working order. That was end April.

I was deluged by a pointy rockfall of work, work work. It was painful and trying climbing back to form and function after being wretchedly ill, and I genuinely despaired at times. Nothing that couldn’t be handled as a team, though, and I’m working with a great one at the moment. That was May. My MBP was still in the shop anyway.

I got sick again, this time with a bad bout of flu. That was end May. My MBP was still in the frickin’ shop. I was told the spare part needed for repair was shipping, shipping, shipping. I started checking the repair status online obsessively and making vague threats to call Apple (the repair shop being a franchise of sorts).

I had to make an unannounced dash to and fro home to help tend to my brother, who was stricken with dengue fever. I’d missed my dad’s birthday a weekend before thanks to work (my perennial excuse in full bloom then), but I thought I should share in the bad times at least. Also thought I’d give the folks a surprise, and not tell them I was heading back (and so I didn’t tell anyone else I was heading back — the lucky two to meet me by accident were — drumroll, please — SJ and SV, and within seconds of each other too. The night before I left, I got the call from the shop at last — the MBP was repaired and ready to go.

I nearly didn’t make it out of Hong Kong, thanks to a ‘black’ storm signal — thunderstorms and landslides led to the airport road being flooded out of use for a couple of hours. Good thing I took the airport express train. My flight was supposed to be full, but was only half-so when it took off. My brother was discharged from hospital the same day I had to leave, so all is well now.

So today my MBP and I were reunited, at long, long last. It has quite literally been 40 days and 40 nights since we had parted. How mad is that? It looks like a faulty left I/O (= input/output) port was the culprit, and that was what took eons and eons and eons to ship.

Truth be told, I wasn’t completely computer-less in the intervening time. And once or twice, I was tempted to share something or other up here; I let the inclination pass, as I wanted to reserve this bit of myself for my MBP, logically or not. And I think (mostly) offline living has much to commend it, so I wanted to take it for a good spin (while not forsaking dependable telly — Hayao Miyazaki brought me back to life after bronchitis, I kid you not — and musical sanctuary).

Anyway, I’m back. There’s some catching up to do, and I intend to follow through — on two long-delayed Hindi film reviews, for instance, and some random scribblings about the past months. To anyone who’s had a twinge of a worry for me, thank you, and you can put it away now. God willing, I’m setting sail again, with lots of hot air left to sustain the journey.


3 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Thanks, m’dear — really hope the troubles for the year are over.

    Now I’ve not only got to update the blog, I’ve got to update myself on how everyone’s doing! Hope you’re doing a-ok and fabbo!

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