The way they are

I don’t know about you, but this looks like a funny movie to me:


Ah, another soft-drugs-addled movie from the House of Apatow.

I don’t find his productions devastatingly hilarious; I’m just addicted in my own way to the absurd audacity of their existence and popularity. Being consumed and spat out by the short-lived world of Freaks and Geeks enabled the addiction too, I suspect. I’m happy supporting the underdog. What can I say, I’m a soft touch. Plus all this hazy buffoonery is taking place in faraway Babylon, eh (gee, right here in our homes/cinemas).

There’s just something endearing about vulgarity and vapidity with a heart of gold. Something sweet about those contradictions. Something moving about the awkwardness and exuberance of the farce. Something soothingly senseless about the leading men (Carell, Rogen, et al). Thus will I continue to let the shudders of revulsion slide, and set my sights on what the movies are trying to say (or not say, whatever, I don’t know).

And so this is a tiny sliver of writing about nothing much at all.


One thought on “The way they are

  1. Hee! I know what you mean. They’re just fun movies to watch – something you just have to set your brain aside for. :P

    I actually had to squint and see if that was James Franco. My God, what have they done to him?! Why are they taking away the pretty? *sobs*

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