Huzzah for Tintin!

It’s official — the awesome Thomas Sangster (that boy from Love, Actually) will be Tintin! (As far as I can see, the only dent in this natural talent’s armour is how he doesn’t read much.)

What’s more, Spielberg and Peter Jackson will be directing different instalments (no one yet knows which of the 23 books they’ll be based on, though)! Whoopee!

Now I hope the casting of Snowy (Snowies?) and Professor Calculus will be similarly thrilling. Captain Haddock will be played by Andy Serkis, who I hope will continue to exercise his impressive facility for transformation.

It’ll be pretty interesting to see how they’ll translate the look and feel of Hergé’s artwork to the big screen. See Speed Racer for inspiration?

Here’s a snippet of Sangster when he was 13, in Feather Boy, a BBC adaptation of the fantastic debut by Nicky Singer:


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