Give or take

Is a year from 26 February 2007 yesterday, today or tomorrow? Anyway, it’s officially been a year since I landed on these hazy shores of gold and grey. Thoughts, thoughts …

  • Have tried things I never would have otherwise back in Singapore, be they good (e.g. joined a Bible study group, adapted a recipe) or bad (e.g. bought a LCD TV on an instalment plan, drank a mojito).
  • Have experienced non-Singaporean takes on the publishing business, and realised it’s still and always about common sense, information and knowledge, pure and simple. Commitment and guts, if you really wanna fly. And, quite honestly, paying attention.
  • Have also witnessed non-Singaporean approaches to living, be they by denizens of Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, the UK, the US, New Zealand, and sometimes a mixture of a few. Learnt that politesse and professionalism carries you a long way while settling in a strange land or any alien situation.
  • Vis–à–vis Hong Kong, have also also learnt that you can’t avoid gory mags and garish ads, and have to actively choose not to be led by the nose by them.
  • Thanks to not having a car, have rediscovered the joys (or efficacy) of reading on public transport. And the dismaying sight of people staring into space, twiddling their thumbs on their NDS Lite, thuggishly blocking train entrances, or flailing about wildly while on the phone.
  • Have put on quite a bit of weight.
  • Have done loads of housework, albeit in spurts.
  • Have become slightly more organised, and even then it helps a lot.
  • Have got to know God better. Have got to know self better. Have got to know family and friends better, with distance giving a painful/pleasant sort of perspective.

Whatever the next 365 may bring, I’m determined to make them count, not count them down. But then again, in all things, I want to seek this tone of heart — not in my will, but His.


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