Man oh man oh man

My MacBook Pro (no name yet; our relationship hasn’t been as close as the one I had with my ol’ clamshell) recently went kaput before 90 days were up — specifically, its screen was stuck at the dimmest brightness level despite all the permissions zapping, PRAM and PMU resetting, hardware testing, rebooting from CD, and other futile following of online advice on my part). Some call it the “black screen of death”.

Anyway, it’s away from home for investigation and repair now — hope the Apple repair centre I went to ain’t gonna pull an “Edison” on me, ha (wonder which Apple repair centre he sent his pink iBook to? Can he sue Apple for trusting in thugs?). Crass jokes aside, I’m kinda upset, bemused but ultimately resigned to what feels like … a betrayal of sorts? I didn’t expect an Apple product to flunk the first three months of service (on the other hand, it’s only been this problem, and those weird electric jolts I get sometimes …).

Then again, maybe mass production inevitably means corners cut along the way. Or maybe I just shouldn’t imbue too much imagined virtue into man-made machines, no matter how beautiful or hyped up. I wasn’t going to blog about anything before all became well again, but then this article came along:

You do know your iPod doesn’t hate you, right?
February 24, 2008
By KATHERINE BINDLEY Columbia News Service

Moments after Whitney Bennett purchased a new laptop, she walked through Manhattan hugging it to her chest. She is hoping this computer will return the favor, unlike her old one, with which she had a tumultuous relationship.

“How could you do this to me?” the 21-year-old student at Baruch College recalled yelling in tears at her old Dell. She treated it like an insolent classmate that was “being mean to me.” Bennett also recalled a former cell phone she suspected had something personal against her.

Can’t say I’m in turmoil (then again, I don’t have a thesis deadline round the corner anymore — O, how prescient was I to have chosen an author that would only become mainstream property five years down the road. Should’ve done a better job, huh. Still remember the lost looks from those hapless lecturers I asked to supervise my topic — Eileen who? Zhang who? What the heck is wrong with me? I know this is going to bug me to no end still I actually master a thesis.). I’m not stewing in quiet rage either. C’est la vie. Such is life. You win some, you lose some. Kabhi haan kabhi naa. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Etc., etc., etc.


4 thoughts on “Man oh man oh man

  1. Ugh, you have my sympathies. I really should back up the stuff on my laptop…..keep meaning to but haven’t. I guess you could console yourself with the fact that it broke down during the guarantee period. Year before last, my desktop hard drive fizzled out, and when I reached desperately for my back-up portable hard disk, that one was emitting the clicks o’ death. Took me two years after the event to send the hard drive for data recovery! It should be back soon……will be strange seeing what gets unearthed.

  2. They’re charging me $480 (excluding GST….and this is a box-in-the-wall-type of shop on the 5th floor of Sim Lim!). I paid $30 before that for evaluation and a quote. But before I went to this place I’d gotten a number of quotes from larger companies here, and the cheapest was $1000+. Ow. This shop seemed to be the least dodgy of the lot.

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