Early in the morning

Wow, it’s so easy to get up at 7 a.m. when the weather is just right (even if the sun seems to have gone missing)! What should I do now? Rip my CDs to iTunes? Ooh, and last night, before I laid me down to sleep, I felt the urge to read — in HK, I’d only felt the urge to play Klondike on my iPod to settle my nerves before bedtime. Weird, huh.

Some bits of news to share then:

  • iPhone survives highway
    Some guy drops his iPhone on a highway (by accident) and finds it working improbably OK. Gotta read it to believe it.
  • Train station crush claims first fatality
    The worst (but not yet the worst) has happened — someone (a woman who works for a book distributor) was trampled to death during a vicious stampede for a train in Guangzhou. One hopes it will be the only instance, but that is reducing her sad end to a ‘thankful’ statistic. These people only wanted to return home after a year at work, but only have agony, cold and pain to accompany them through the Lunar New Year now.
  • Dream or machine?
    My favourite question for thinking members of my coterie.

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