Tis the season

Argh, I can’t handle the sweet anticipation of having fabulous Christmas presents to give! Especially when they’re wrapped in shiny, pretty, recycled magazine pages, instead of earth-wasting wrapping (a massive idea I sucked up from GLau.) My credit card is toasted. My wallet’s a loose tongue, flapping at the merest wisp of an idea. Disgusting, I know.

Riffing on the same tune, let me say this — I am so anal that:

  • I will change the timestamp on my blog post so it will reflect, say, 17 December, when the automated timestamp is 18 December, since I’m blogging past midnight.
  • I am unable to wear clean, fresh underwear that says “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, etc. if it is actually Monday.
  • I really enjoy a good editing test and will finish one in the time allotted, even if I’m in another country with no one to watch over me.
  • I must perform stressful mental acrobatics to buy a book that is a different size, published in a different country, or obviously a separate edition from the others I already own, especially if it belongs to a series of some sort. Those wacky Diana Wynne Jones covers drive me compromised, argh!
  • I get irritated and mean-spirited when people are slow to grasp things, and refuse to aim higher.
  • I believe I can improve on my poor behaviour. Hahahahahaha! Sniff.
  • I know there’s more where this came from.

5 thoughts on “Tis the season

  1. I’m not exactly surprised by your anal habits leh…. sounds perfectly like you!!! Fwahahaha. :P But the different editions/sizes of a SAME book really a bit exaggerating… Although I can PERFECTLY understand the “rationale” behind it (if one can call it a rationale)! Its kinda like how I will I keep buying notebooks and what nots and keep hoarding them, although i have 10s of other of the same thing at home….. :)

  2. Eh sorry, I should have been clearer — I mean I can’t buy books from the same series if they are in different formats. So, if a new Diana Wynne Jones book comes out, I have to buy the hardcover, cos the softcover versions are no longer the same as the ones I already have (different cover art). Also, I’m waiting for the mass market edition of A Darkling Plain from the Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve, even though a bigger sized version is already available, with the same cover art style as the earlier books in the series. Phew!

    And yeah, I have days of the week underpants — they were a birthday gift, la!

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