Yoga berries

So I went for the second and third lessons in the trial pack at Pure Yoga. The second class was called Power Yoga, and it got really confusing —  but I guess that’s part and parcel of learning to move your body in a new way. The third lesson, Yoga Basics, was more rewarding — I felt I was in safe hands, learning how to do the moves properly and getting all stretchy. But despite being sorely tempted thanks to this last session, I think I won’t be pursuing yoga after all, having been warned against the inevitable spiritualism I will be forced to encounter. I might try tapdancing next! Something else I’ve always wanted to try.

Before I sign off and try to get my biorhythms back to normal, here are a few pretty neat links I’d like to share:

  • The Vine
    Demo recordings for a concert recording I attended last Sunday. They’re by the worship team of an English-language service in North Point. Never thought I’d say such a thing, but I could really feel the Holy Spirit’s presence during the concert! I think it was because the words and the music that flowed through them were so powerful!
  • How to write thank-you notes
    Randy Pausch’s recent reiteration of his time management lecture reemphasised the importance of sending thank-you notes. Well, here’s an engaging take on how to write ’em with flair!
  • Four more how-to’s by the lady who wrote the above:
  • Guzzy blending
    Always nice to see Get Fuzzy pop up somewhere, this time in a linguistics article! It’s not too technical, and rather entertaining, so give it a go.
  • The President-Tyrant
    I can never get enough of intelligent Bush-bashing.

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