What’s it all about, blogger

Man, I’m really feeling those tummy stretches from yesterday’s hot yoga. Muscular recall can be addictive.

So I read this article about Japanese bloggers being not only more prolific than those from the US (hence the former are the world’s most prolific bloggers), but also assuming an entirely different stance towards the act of blogging. According to a survey involving Technorati, 40 per cent of US bloggers are mainly motivated by the desire “to raise visibility as an authority in my field”, compared to 5 per cent of Japanese bloggers professing such a view (but how much of this result was fuelled by a sense of modesty?).

As a result of having easy access to high-speed Internet and cutting-edge smart phones, and having to face long hours in commute, Japanese blog posts tend towards the short and sweet, or at least non-confrontational. I guess you could say they’re modelled on diaries rather than misives. They are also largely anonymous, at least to those who don’t know the blogger personally. No Facebook-style beacon-shining for them, thank you.

It’s pretty interesting stuff to me cos I wonder why I feel comfortable blogging in general, but only if it’s about certain stuff in particular (see Categories). And why did I start bothering about structure and language, and all that second-guessing razzmatazz? (Eh … not implying that my posts exhibit a great amount of forethought.)

I’ve got deep and dark venting in my diary, wistful and embarrassing venting with my friends, airheaded venting for my brother, and barely intelligible venting at work — so maybe this blog is to soothe those bits of me aspiring to something other than the life I lead? The pseudo-political, pseudo-altruistic, pseudo-fatalistic, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-psychotic pseudo-me?

More of a record of fleeting interests, then, than a platform of agitating arguments or a storehouse of demure observations. It is just a frothy tome, you know.

Maybe I’m a bit of a hummingbird, talking, thinking, dreaming, consuming, spinning too fast to last.

A few days back I dreamt that I’d met some middle-aged ex-colleagues at some small-scale book fair-within-a-bookstore. The guy (a designer who was partial to the neck-scarf) I’d never really talked to, but the two ladies (twin typesetters) I was terribly glad to ‘see’. Could feel the cockles of my heart warm up, honestly.

I guess if I were back home, I would have been motivated to call them up for lunch. I don’t have their email addresses, I think, and I can’t even remember what was my own office email address, much less ‘translate’ it into theirs. I hope they’re doing all right. They were really friendly and open with me. For the most part, I had at MCIS the best bunch of colleagues a first-time-full-timer could ever hope for.

I was reminded today that Jay Chou is staging his set of concerts in HK right now. Phew, that was fast! I heard he’d brought Fei Yuqing over, and sang a wildly popular ditty from a wildly popular TVB drama about abalone (a char siew rice man hummed it once while he was chopping my char siew — that was a flavourful experience). Showbizzzzzz.

Had been facing a brain lull at work this week, but I think it cleared up pretty well today, thank God — requesting a wafer of your colleagues’ time for soundboarding or inspiration can really save your arse. Don’t wait till it’s late!


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