More awe

Ah, forgot about my Dashboard widgets! Here’s what I added:


Um, get a closer look by clicking on the image above. I also forgot to add this freeware app to the list before — DropCompress. It’ll whittle down big files as easy as a snap. Use the option key and you can put a whole bunch of files in the same ZIP archive.

And on the email front, I’d had some hopes of transferring my life to Apple’s (that feeling of ‘solidity’ again), but the IMAP thing is too slow, so I’m back on webmail. Apropos of nothing, I really adored Eudora, but since I haven’t seen it pop up in any Mac articles lately, I’m hesitant about giving it another go.

Finally (for now), if you have cash to spare, I would highly recommend this app for genuine playtime — Comic Life. It allows you to create comic strips/books with your photos. One time, GLau and I had lots of laughs fooling around with it on her lovely iMac; the results were frickin’larious (and will never see daylight).


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