Say a little prayer

So do you know about Randy Pausch yet? Well:

A Professor’s Farewell Sparks a Media Frenzy

In September Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, gave his last lecture, telling the audience that he would soon die of pancreatic cancer. But those may not be his last public words after all.

After delivering the talk, Dr. Pausch had planned to enjoy his last days with his family. Instead, Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Zaslow wrote a column about the unusual lecture, which he described as a “riveting and rollicking journey through the lessons” of Dr. Pausch’s life, and the professor became a media sensation.

I took the time to watch the lecture, and it was worth its weight in gold. I don’t think I’ve spent a better hour at the computer for some time — not a more enlightening, warming, or positive one, anyway. And here’s your chance to do so:


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