“Nothing will come of nothing”

If you ever wanted to know how the Japanese strain of curry — and for that matter, Japanese Western cuisine — came about, there’s an extraordinarily detailed story here.

I was a bit wracked with flu on Saturday — am I becoming sickly? Add to that the general social isolation I succumb to when my family’s here, meant that I’ve had a lot of DVD time lately. (Here’s a funny thing, apropos of the goggle box — I don’t subscribe to cable, so I settle for whatever my estate allows on TV. Recently, they’ve swapped two Chinese news channels for German news — is there a large German population here that I’m unaware of?! — and Al Jazeera. The latter is quite fascinating, by virtue of being otherworldly. Quite a number of social awareness ads too.)

I watched all of The Office (UK), and finally understood why people love it to bits. I rewatched the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with Colin “Phwoar” Firth and saw more of how the recent film adaptation with Keira Knightley was praiseworthy in its own way. I moved on to the second season of Little Britain and witnessed boundaries pushed beyond reason (was it good that I cringed more than I laughed?) — and realised yet again the genius of The Office.


One thought on ““Nothing will come of nothing”

  1. Seems like the flu virus is hitting…. I was also down with flu over the weekend and was mopping around on the bed sniffing and coughing….

    Well, hope you get well soon and I recommend “Are We There Yet” by David Levithan for some light reading. Enjoy and Take Care!

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