Ancient of days

Why does a week feel like eons, sometimes? I’m just about done with the first part of a mega-book series, and the ride was out of control for a while. Life in publishing, wherever it is, can never be smooth sailing, or completely boring, despite the best-laid plans of designers and editors. I can see where I could have done better, in steps mis-taken, not taken, or taken off rhythm. How will I look upon these days, they being full of freedom, wisdom, folly, letting-it-be-ness, and learning?

The school year in Hong Kong begins in September — this past Monday, in fact. I saw stunned kids given fond farewells by adoring parents as I went off to work. Must be first day-ers. One rather stout dad even blew a kiss. Anyway, many people here choose to have a more material, less stressful life, by not having kiddies. What the future brings for them could be anything from economic overburden to wistful regrets. But who knows? It’s estimated to cost HKD 4 million to bring up a kid locally with access to all the trimmings, so they could be choosing prudence over biological and traditional expectation. I guess the philosophy is why do it at all when you can only half afford to.

Well, I’m glad my parents had me. I’m glad to be Singaporean too, tee hee.


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