Further signs of doom

Truly, I say, doom lies through …

  • ignorance — people with AIDS are being buried alive in Papua New Guinea
  • greed — fact: pollution travels from China to Los Angeles
  • tardiness + wrath of nature — those who left the decision to escape till it was too late were incinerated in their cars or as they stumbled through ancient olive groves

But lo, here’s something smart, witty and knowing to draw your mind away from all that:

JK Rowling, the new Roger Bannister
A point of view by Clive James

If asked whether I suffer from the condition commonly known as JK Rowling Envy, I can’t say no.

Like any other writer who is not JK Rowling, I can’t say no because my teeth are so tightly gritted in a smile of good sportsmanship that tiny fragments of enamel are given off into the atmosphere, and if I opened my mouth any further a long howl of anguish would be released, tapering into a convulsive whimper, punctuated with deliriously mumbled statistics. 325 million copies. 65 languages. A thousand million dollars. A million billion roubles. Gazillion fantabulon megayen…

Full disclosure: I haven’t read any of the Potter books, have only watched the movies to be “hip” with the plot (though come to think of it I haven’t watched the latest one). Long story about why … though it feels a bit like Titanic all over again (another pop icon I’ve given a miss). I like to read authors’ musings on other authors’ books though, so there you go.


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