In case anyone’s wondering

Post musing, I lugged home a completely different hi-fi set, the Onkyo CS-515, though not the UK DAB version, which is supposed to be the amazingly musical sibling. I figured the HK version (or whatever version I got) would acquire some lustre by association.

After going through the de rigeur warm-up that all hi-fi sets deserve, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Or maybe anything would give more detail when compared to laptop speakers (even funnelled through a JBL set). And, well, the Onkyo was half the price of the Tivoli …

In other trivial pursuits, I finally set up my beloved editor’s desk at work, which has helped me feel (maybe think and work?) better during this time of high duress. I was a bit too embarrassed to cart it out from home from the get-go, just in case I appeared too … professional. Serious. Oh all right, pretentious.

Man, now I gotta make sure my editing is better than before — don’t even have recourse to “a poor workman blames his tools”, since my “tools” are a step and a half up from a flat table … plus I got a reading lamp and ergonomic keyboard set up too, heh.


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