Hovel proud

I should have gotten my el cheapo uplighter from Ikea six months ago — lighting can really shape moods! Or, I am really easily influenced by my surroundings …

So now I’m on a mission to get my hovel in HK cosier (unfortunately, the desired result will probably make me hovel-bound for the next 18 months, when I should be exploring the real Far East).

I’m currently conflicted about how I’m listening to my music. Back in Singapore, I have a proper set of hi-fi separates, complete with speaker stands, for goodness’ sake. Here, I’m channelling CDs through an el cheapo (but wondrously versatile) made-in-China (just about everything is) DVD player, el cheapo LCD TV my dad wanted for kicks, and not-that-cheap JBL speaker combo.

Am tempted by the Tivoli Music System (reasoning that I can hand down to my bro when I finally return home), but I suspect the sound quality will fall short of its price tag (approx. 7300 HKD). The Linn Classik, by which I’ve always been intrigued, is out of my league price-wise (approx. 20,000 HKD — hahaha!), especially since I’d still have to get a set of speakers with it. (I’ve also always been partial to the idea of a Rega Planet.) Bose is out of the question — at least I hope I’m not some frickin’ yuppie who believes price always correlates with quality.

Yeah yeah, I should’ve/would’ve/could’ve shipped over my hi-fi (did I mention I have a record player too? I’m n-u-t-s.), but frankly I didn’t think it would have survived the sea voyage. By the same token, I shouldn’t get a proper set here as well right … man, I might just end up with the Tivoli. At least I’d be aesthetically sated. Which would defeat the whole premise of this rambling monologue! (Apropos of nothing, I must state that I don’t own an anorak.)

Speaking of random aesthetics, this is too cool to be surfed over — Quote/Unquote bookends!

Hee hee hee.

Found out about ’em at this cud-chewing ground for the hovel-proud, Better Living Through Design. Hmm. It’s all about lighting and bedding and having your books around you, man.


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