Making a run for it

I’m coming home for Ian McKellen, Ian McKellen, Ian McKellen, on Friday and Sunday, maybe catch the achingly good Ramesh Meyyappan on Saturday if there are tickets left (are there?).

Schedule so far:

  • Friday — arrive in afternoon, spend rest of day with family; evening is McKellen’s, McKellen’s, McKellen’s, prolly be too bushed for a late night (plus mum is doing the “I’m left all alone” thing)
  • Saturday — morning with family, afternoon with SV (+ whoever knows us both?), evening is possibly with choir folks, late night might belong to HK colleague or ex-TLL area neighbour
  • Sunday — morning with family, afternoon to hunt down MN (she’s got visitors left right and centre I think!) and I hope R+A for lunch, evening (or is it a matinee?) is McKellen’s, McKellen’s, McKellen’s
  • Monday — morning brings errands, afternoon with granny, evening with LLP et al (probably)
  • Tuesday — hello again, HK

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