All rights preserved

I reserve the right to:

  • spend an hour fiddling insanely with the ‘look and feel’ of pitiful blog.
  • buy DVDs and books like seven years of deprivation — with electricity — await.
  • decide to stop working and scoot home when my body evinces physical manifestations of stress.
  • live with the guilt of scooting home.
  • live with the guilt of many crimes against civility.
  • eat junk like tuna with chilli bean paste and rice.
  • be emotionally inane.
  • think “organically”, i.e. eschewing the logical loofah.
  • obsess over going bald like my dad.
  • bulk purchase useless beauty.
  • go to as many Jay Chou concerts as I can for as long as I can.
  • call Diana Wynne Jones The. Best. Children’s. Author. I. Ever. Want. To. Read.
  • not contribute to the Singapore economy, except in encouraging people to visit.
  • have mysterious, half-forgotten things lying around gathering dust even in the the small place I’m at.
  • devote myself to the love of rice above all carbohydrates.
  • mumble.
  • grumble.
  • fumble.
  • rumble.
  • crumble.
  • crumple.
  • be an armchair critic.
  • care very little in the conventional way about appearances unfortunately for those around me.
  • cause great embarrassment to myself and to others.
  • have my thoughtlessness (aka lack of foresight) make life a runaway toad ride.
  • live and learn, and be reminded sometimes.
  • call myself a Christian.
  • hope that I’ll be a full-time student again, only better.
  • imagine that the best is yet to be.

6 thoughts on “All rights preserved

  1. can now comment cos am now blogger too. muahahaha.

    dwj’s latest book was kinda a letdown for me. it had such a great title – mythosphere, great story going with the stars and greek myths and all. then she kinda ended it without her usual panache, no? so many unexplained characters and events too… very unlike her. usually she explains everything with her remarkable twist and ending. it was like she needed to end in a big hurry.

  2. Pity I’m not in Singapore when you’re back. But man, I must say I give in to eating a lot of crap when I’m by myself….all this Yankee food is gettin’ to me!

    Re: point 13: Surely you’ve paid your taxes?!!! Ha!

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