Something to grump about

I think I saw the mother of all ducks yesterday.

Allow me to elaborate. I mean the verb not the noun.

One thing that gets on my nerves as I traverse the public walkways and doorways is when someone sees a door closing and slips through it with nary a thought of opening it for the people behind. Are you walking through life with blinkers on, for goodness’ sake? What’s worse is when a guy does it.

(I’m buying into stereotypes here, of course — then again, this is one case where I think men, who are purportedly of heftier muscle mass than women, should be held to a higher standard!)

But look, yesterday, oh yesterday — this slip of a guy, click-clackety-clinging onto his handphone, looks up, sees maybe 20 cm of space before the glass door before him closes shut and slips right through it. A big guy behind him had to brake.

Not only did the little snip disrupt the flow of human traffic, he brought a bit of shame to the Chinese male, I can tell you, cos the big guy was an ang moh — I can only imagine the squirmy thoughts that went through that mop of brown hair. (I’m buying into more stereotypes here!)

I’m not that angry, just supremely irritated, and am forced to formulate a theory — people are taught to get any sort of a one-up on another person — that it’s a matter of personal pride, nay, jubilation!



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