And what does this tell you?

To me, clear lines are being drawn here. Of course it was never really about Islam versus the world. It’s always been about evil beyond the pale, pure and simple, versus everything good within us.

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Leading Muslim calligrapher shot

By James Shaw
BBC News, Baghdad


One of the Muslim world’s leading calligraphers has been shot dead by gunmen in Baghdad.

Khalil al-Zahawi was the most famous practitioner in Iraq of the art of writing classical Arabic script.

He was outside his house in the New Baghdad district of the city on Saturday when he was ambushed by gunmen and killed.

The art of writing classical Arabic script is highly regarded in Iraq and the rest of the Muslim world.

Attack on culture

Mr Zahawi’s body has been taken to his home in Diyala province for burial.

In the 1990s, he taught students from all over the Middle East.

It is said that anyone in Iraq who wanted to be considered proficient in Arabic calligraphy had to have his seal of approval.

His death will be seen as another attack on culture and learning by insurgent groups and militias in Iraq who in the past have targeted scientists, doctors and academics.

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