Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006): The trouble with love is

pyaar-ke-side-effects.2023975. Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006) — Yes, I will still be adding my “five pence of a further sixpence” on Hindi movies, cos I brought along fresh pickings with me thanks to a spree in Chennai — oh boy am I a consumerist freak! Anyway, onto the movie — first of all, I was intrigued by the unexpected pairing of Rahul Bose (has a rep for being a most intellectual actor — certainly works hard at his craft, that’s what I got a sense of, plus he was solid gold in Chameli) and the brassy, sassy and somewhat wacky Mallika Sherawat (First time watching her in a full-length movie — not spectacular but very easy on the eyes, as usual; seriously, she has the potential to grow beyond gettin’ no respect). I think they had pretty good chemistry.

Next, I expected to be entertained by the details of the movie, not the overall plot, cos you just knew the two characters would make it in the end, and I was. It was very clever in parts and refreshingly frank at that. Sad fact is that the expected ending let the film down — of course the guy is going to realise one way or another that he can be bigger than his past, but it happened in such a cheesy way. Another sad fact — the interview in the features section was more entertaining and revealing than the movie itself! All in all, a light diversion from the daily grind, but not quite a cinematic event.


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