Aw, crap

Man, I’m starting to miss home again! Namely cos for some reason, I’ve been persistently reminded of how great it is this past week. Some examples of what Singapore does better than Hong Kong by a homesick mile:

  • Bookstores
    Though, admittedly, Kinokuniya and Borders come from without, but Page One — the best bookstore I’ve encountered in HK — is from Singapore, wot! And I haven’t come across a HK version of BooksActually yet.
  • Libraries
    Received a mass email from the National Library Board asking me to make more book recommendations — haven’t stepped into the central library in Causeway Bay yet, but I heard that its selection is rather meh.
  • Vegetables
    It’s probably xenophobic on my part, but I live in fear of the fresh unlabelled produce here. Who knows where the heck they’re from! Dunno why I assume I can completely trust the agri-food authority in Singapore though. Conditioning?!
  • Propriety
    Am sick of glimpsing half-shrouded boobies/abs and scandalous headlines every time I pass by a convenience store or news-stand — and these are everywhere! The love for goss burns even in the people I actually know! Why, why, why?
  • The avoid-a-sniper-thon — not!
    Remember when there were real live snipers on the loose in Washington DC and people started walking everywhere zig-zag since it made them a harder target to hit? People here ambulate like that all the time! You can be minding your own business putting one foot in front of the other when suddenly, a will-o-wisp will cross your path — left to right, right to left, it can happen either way — within a hair’s breadth of you. And don’t seem to notice their presumption. This is why I would advise shallow breathing in MTR stations and on sidewalks. To be fair, I didn’t notice this crazy fact till I read a complaint about it, and I guess you have to have chalked up a certain mileage before the randomness of it all juts into your daily statistics!
  • Air quality
    Need I say more? Another reason for shallow breathing, eh? But look — though I’d neglected to factor in the pollution index, I didn’t expect Eden in HK, just a different work environment to live and learn in. Which I’ve definitely found! I’ve also found that my lips turns a greasy grey when I get home from Mong Kok.
  • Weather
    Which brings me to my final point — not that there’s anything anyone can do about it! The humidity here is something else! (I’ve been encouraged to appreciate the rain though, since it cleanses the air a bit.) I’m still freaked out by how the walls and windows can get wet indoors, though I can understand it by way of science (it’s a condensation thing).

But learning to be independent is a good thing, I guess (“One generation’s length away / From fighting life out on my own”). Wonder how I would’ve handled my university years if they were spent overseas. Anyway, all in all, it’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling to call Singapore my hometown no matter where I land in the world — it really is.

In order not to incur WL and AJ’s wrath, I must add that HK offers lots that Singapore, by virtue of its facticity, does not. Mountains, anyone? Country parks? An infinite variety of addictive shopping, since the shops just keep on changing (though there’s stuff that you can’t find here but you can in Singapore …). And the work ethic of the people here (maybe not all of them, but some of them are flaming paragons) is something else. It’s not about putting in the hours, man. It’s about vision, clarity and no bullsh*t. Not that there are none such in Singapore — population smaller, what to do?

Well, that was a lot to get off my Wacoal-ed chest! (Too much information, sorry.) Last grouse for this post, I promise — I want my cable TV!!!

In other business, I went bowling today in my clubhouse (not alone). What fun! I’m no genius at it though. Didn’t get a strike either, bah. But nothing like a bit of mild exertion to wrap up your public life on a Friday.


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