Losing an acquired taste

Biggest chill I got from the papers in the past week? This choice excerpt from HK magazine (not exactly the South China Morning Post, but will do in a pinch):

I asked owner of Nanawi Sushi, Hudson Chang, to explain the truth about sushi to me. …

He warns if you are dining on the cheap stuff, know what you are getting into. “You must remember, it’s still eating raw fish.” There are different grades of fish. One of the lowest grades available for legal human consumption is where wholesalers cut out worms and other nasties from the flesh before selling it. This is perfectly fine for cooked dishes but questionable when eating it raw. So when you see an all-you-can-eat sushi special for HK$88, hmmm …

He also said Tue and Fri nights are the best nights to have sushi as that is when Japan makes its shipments. … what every sushi eater must understand is that much of the fish at sushi restaurants is frozen (some for over two years at 70 degrees below) to ensure that all parasites are dead. … After defrosting, [chu-toro] is injected with a cocktail dye called “watermelon ice” for a fleshy pink colouring. Tuna by nature is just not that red. A good tuna steak might have a deep blood-red tone, but it usually doesn’t glow. But we like our food to look a certain way and that is what is delivered.

“A Raw Deal” (27 April 2007) from the “Hot Tables” column by Angie Wong

Here’re more articles (a few with terribly indulgent headlines) if you want to prolong that queasy feeling:


2 thoughts on “Losing an acquired taste

  1. Now, you are freaking me out! Well, I always go reputable places to eat, and have refrained from going conveyor belt type of sushi place……..

    Hmm…. looks like that was a wise decision afterall…..

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