The Sunday rambler

More proof that I’m settling in — went on a (mini) hike today!

Met GLiu (gotta be more specific, seeing how I have a GLau in the book — not Summer Glau, la!), took a bus from Pacific Place, had eyes wide opened while en route through the Mid Levels — gotta explore that sometime — and ended up at HKU.

The bit of campus I was led through was quite endearing, haunted spots and all, and I managed to sidle up to the library entrance and get a good, strong whiff of it. Note to self: university libraries in HK and Singapore smell remarkably alike. Smelt the one at HKUST almost a decade ago, but can’t really recall it … some coffee and madeleines may be in order.

Most amazing sight at HKU was actually … a dining hall:

Accepts credit card payments only!

Disclosure: the dining hall belongs to a hostel for lecturers. Hmm! Nice set of doors, too:

You can find more pictures in my corner of Flickr.

Anyway, the hike proper was all right, sweated (I don’t perspire, I sweat) and panted, but the payoff was lively conversation with GLiu and her warm-hearted friend C [Correction: S!], and sights galore, par example:

Says “Beware of Flash Floods”, complete with tumbler. It wasn’t raining, thank God!

Along the way, encountered all sorts of HK-ers (vaguely posh or stoutly earthy), a car (!) and a really big, really fluffy white dog (possibly animatronic). Polished off a spicy Whopper Jr meal at Burger King (only three branches in HK! And I know of only two branches of Mos Burger here, with no Spicy Mos Burger in sight!). And finally, stumbled onto a surprisingly exciting ride on the Peak Tram:

Am going to end the night by wondering about my purpose in life, or re-categorising every single blog entry, but it has been a good day, it must be said.

I hope your week will be a purposefully fulfilling one.


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