Another 33 cut down. Even as kiddos a little over half my age and learned profs a little more than twice my age get blasted away by the sickening force of hatred, of self and otherwise, the world goes on spinning, has no choice but to go on spinning. What’s this, some kind of freakish circus? We watch, we read, and now we even hear the gunshots as they ring across the world.

That the massacre on campus was wrought by a supposed foreigner, who had actually been indoctrinated in the American Way from when he was a much younger version of a kid, only opens this wound to our common humanity that much wider for examination. Sick, sick, sick.

“And so it goes.” And so tragedies wrought by our needs and greed continue on beneath our very noses and beyond our shores, by the second, the minute and the hour. “And so it goes.” In the past week alone, many more have been cut down in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, China, and who knows where else. What’s so “different” about it is what I can hardly bear to think about.

Face of Rage and Pain
Gunman who killed 30 was Virginia Tech student

by Thane Burnett

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Rage finally found a name here yesterday.

And much more slowly, courage was also finding an identity and a place among the ruins.

A day after the worst mass killing on a United States campus, police this morning released the identity of the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre — Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old foreign student from South Korea.

Little is so far known about Cho, but police — as it always seems in cases like this — have called him a loner.

His family has been told, but it’s so far difficult to find any of his friends here.

His family has been told, but it’s so far difficult to find any of his friends here.

On Monday morning, Cho — apparently working without words and with sickening precision — used a 9-mm handgun and a .22-calibre handgun to kill 30 fellow students. He then turned the gun on himself, just as police were making their way up the stairs. He died in a classroom, among a group of innocent young men and women he had just executed.

Most victims were found on the second floor of Norris Hall, in what investigators describe as a “frightening and incomprehensible scene.”

They died in four classrooms and in a stairwell.

What police found, when they finally were able to break through the chains which Cho had used to fortress the exits, was so chaotic that forensic experts were still piecing it together this morning.

As well as not so simply tending to the mortal remains of a black day. …


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