Jots and tittles

Met GL in town just now and proceeded to spend money like water! Cos we went to all the places I would never have been able to explore with my ‘rents. Practically haemorrhaged money, man. At least I now know where H&M is (straight down the road from Central’s Marks & Sparks, yessir. And I didn’t go in there, nosiree.)

I must say that keeping track of my expenses with a cutesy notebook has done wonders for my perspective — a tip I picked up from a Korean drama, no less. I am Generation Duh, didn’t you know? Also bought tight denim capris for the first time in my life. Look out, world! Hope the fasshun police doesn’t get me.

And oh yah, caught this photo exhibit downstairs of work today. Moved me to tears, it did. We live in wretched times (perhaps as we always have, only the brave witnessing is much better publicised).


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