The Bothersome Man (2006): Acid test

the-bothersome-man-den-brysomme-mannen.17367.jpgGoing for a movie with little or no inkling of what it’s about is always an interesting experience: the random channel servings of childhood, that wrenching experience with Tsibli, Tsibli, the revelation that was Stranger Than Fiction … the list now goes on with the dire reflection that is The Bothersome Man.

Part of the almost-over HK film fest, I only watched it this evening cos there was a spare ticket. The synopsis didn’t warn about how it’s sleeves-over-face-gruesome in bits, but it did announce that it’s a scapel-like critique of modern-day languid stupor in Scandinavia. And so it is.

I feel bitten by it even though I ain’t no Scandinavian. For, by extension, don’t wannabes-who-think-they’re-something-special aspire to the clean lines and aesthetic of the lifestyle portrayed therein? (What can I say, I subscribe to Dwell, which made the dark humour that bit more man-in-the-mirror!) No fuss, no muss. Nothing like discontent and non-conformity to mess up your personal vision of hell. So, to this movie, I offer a toast of one part “ew” and two parts “wow”.

Interesting crowd too — film fests always attract dem wannabes, so it’s curious to see how they vary across cities. Students, suits, flowing locks, goatees, loners, stoners galore. Not a Chinese subtitle in sight. Full house, free seating, but this lot made it a whole load of orderly. No skanky projectionist either, which is a relief!

And now for something completely catchy — beware the gyro-throb that is Madhuri Dixit!



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