The road ahead

Muahaha, if this news item is the truth-tellin’ kind, then the last piece of the puzzle has been found — I’ve got my beeg journeys for this year all planned out!

  1. July: Back to Singapore for Ian McKellen!
    Had intended to make an adventure of it and catch him as King Lear in Stratford-upon-Avon, but then Hong Kong came calling. But now, I sing that ol’ redemption song! And it is schweet. Mm hmm.
  2. October: First time in Madrid for my first time at a Book Conference?
    Hope to make this an absolute reality, but who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be a case of better luck next year. It all depends on workload and companionship, cos I don’t think I’m savvy enough to travel to España by myself and be a better person for it (or, heck, even survive it).
  3. November: The concert that I’ve been waiting for
    The one that will bring me to Taipei again. Woohoo! The news item alluded to basically says that Jay Chou has formed his own recording company, JVR Music, with two long-time collaborators — renting a work space overlooking Taipei 101 for five times as much as my rent, natch — and ends off with the stated intention to hold a November concert in Taipei. Huzzah!

If I have a reasonable amount of leave left, I might wing my way to Tokyo for a cheap thrill of a visit. It really is a darned sight cheaper to travel there from here than ol’ Spore. For obvious reasons, and thanks to economies of scale too, probably.

In more sober news, I finally finished The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem. It was worth the initial plough-through after all, and the roaring rollercoaster ride it became honestly took me by surprise. Free — or freeze — your mind. After all those children’s books, this one made my palate mature pretty fast. If you’re interested in contemporary culture in the United States at any level, it’s a mighty read worthy of some timely investment. And it makes Everybody Hates Chris an even better, deeper, funnier show.

All in all, I must affirm that reading may be old-skool, but it’s an awesome thing to do. Check out these lines of beauty from So Many Books by Gabriel Zaid, and it’s all you’ll ever need to know:

And the conversation continues, unheeded by television, which will never report: “Yesterday, a student read Socrates’ Apology and felt free.”


7 thoughts on “The road ahead

  1. hey babe!

    i finally located your blog again! while migrating my stuff over from the ibook g4 to my macbook pro!!! are you swooning yet?

    anyway, ian mckellen in singapore!

  2. Whee! Can see you in July! Awesome :)

    Oh, and you MUST recommend some good books for me to read. Holidays are just ’round the corner (oh, the agonizing wait!) and I’m gonna have to find a way to keep myself busy for three months, if only to take my mind off all the jogging and swimming my dearest family is planning to make me do. Am thinking of starting off with Gogol’s Overcoat (blame it on The Namesake) – got any more that you can add to the list? :)

  3. anne — i am swooning as i type deeeeeeeeeees!

    clueless — yeah, see you in July, I hope! we’ll ALL go for japanese this time, heheheh. as for books, try Gogol’s The Inspector as well, I heard that’s a laugh and a half. Um, what are you in the mood for?

  4. Anyfin, lor! I used to be a read-anything-I-can-lay-hands-on kinda gal, and for the past two years I’ve just been losing that enthusiasm. I just need something to build it back up again – until HP7 releases, that is! Whee!

  5. Hey, NOVEMBER?! Its a great time/weather to travel to Taipei….Its been two years, and i miss the vibrance, the sights and the sounds, and oh, the slight soury and dusty smell in the air. If you still keen, and time and money allows, the pact still stands.

    I’m looking forward!!

  6. clueless — try the complete thus-far-published works of Alexander McCall Smith, as much as Jane Austen as you can muster, and my very favourite-est children’s book author, Diana Wynne Jones. Ask me again once you finish those!

    Esther — yup, looks like it’s November — and if you’re still at your job then, it means your boss will probably tell you not to travel during that time, hahahahaha! :p

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