As one skanky book on my 20th Century Lit reading list put it, this is “a chiller of a thriller that will shock you to the bone”!

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Bloody, satanic, amnesia case baffles Italian policeJohn Hooper in Rome
Thursday March 29, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Police and prosecutors in northern Italy are wrestling with a mystery that brings together a man with memory loss, evidence of devil worship and a blood-drenched apartment.One evening earlier this month, a dishevelled young man wandered into a Carabinieri barracks at Vercelli, between Turin and Milan. He said he had no idea who he was, or why he was there.

Three days earlier, on March 16, the owner of a bed-sit outside Bergamo, more than 70 miles away, had broken into the flat. The tenant had not paid his rent and she wanted to know if he was still there.

She found a scene of pure horror.

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